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Are you tired of having half of your baby or toddler's lunch land on the floor? Say goodbye to those shenanigans FOREVER! Our one-of-a-kind silicone baby bib is the ONLY bib you'll EVER need!

it's soft, safe, and easy to use. Plus, cleaning the bib is a breeze. Save time and your sanity with this waterproof baby bib for boys and girls.


• Easy Peasy Cleanup - No more putting bibs in the washing machine and waiting for them to dry. Always have a fresh, clean bib on hand with our easy-to-wipe-down silicone bib. You can easily wipe the bib with a moist cloth in seconds. Voila! Now it's ready to be used again and again and again!

• Money Saver - Having a baby is expensive enough without having to constantly replace flimsy baby bibs. Our silicone bib can be used again and again. Get this, it DOESN'T STAIN! Most cloth bibs are covered in gross stains no matter how many times you wash them. Not our silicone bib!

• Catches falling Food - This amazing waterproof bib comes with a built-in bowl around the bottom. That means if food or drink escapes your baby's mouth it'll fall into the bowl and not onto the floor. Hooray!

• Comfy and Adorable - Our bibs come in a variety of colors and are all super cute. They are lightweight and always comfortable for baby to wear.

Have you ordered your silicone bibs, yet? What are waiting for? The time is now to save yourself money, time, and sanity!