Convenient Veggie/Fruit/Meat Slicer

$34.95 $68.95


When you need a solution to slicing and dicing your veggies, fruits, and meats in a speedy, uniform way you need the Convenient Veggie/Fruit/Meat Slicer!

This slicer is perfect for preparing your favorites meals and snacks.

It can be used with a variety of foods.

Right now, it's on sale!


  • Makes Cooking Easier: This slicer that's made from Food-Grade stainless steel & BPA-Free ABS plastic. It offers all the functionality of multiple appliances with changeable stainless blades. The sharp blades can cut through all kinds of vegetables, grating cheese, slicing potatoes, and cutting fruits
  • Convenient Side Storage: A handy, built-in slot for blade storage
  • Saves Time: "Cuts" down on chopping time by 70%