Cozy Compact Heater

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When fall comes rolling around so does the chilly air. Old Man Winter brings even colder temperatures that can make heating bills skyrocket! Take the chill out of any room up to 250 sq ft with the amazing Cozy Compact Heater!


  • Fast results - The Cozy Compact Heater takes the chill out of the room within 15 to 20 short minutes
  • Cost-Efficient - Save money when the Cozy Compact Heater warms up living spaces instead of having to turn up the dial on the thermostat
  • Lightweight Design - The Cozy Compact Heater is easy to move from room to room an very simple to use. No cables or installation required
  • Convenient - Adjustable thermostat, digital temperature display, auto-shut-off, quiet operation, US standard plug, and programmable timer