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Casually place this handcrafted wooden box on the table and wait for unsuspecting people to open it up. Once they do, they'll be in for the scare of their life when a creepy, crawly spider pops out! As for you? Well, you'll be laughing your tail end off.

Constructed by handmade Amish craftsmanship, this wooden toy is durable and built to last. No paint or stain, just natural wood. No assembly, either!

Absolutely hysterical! Are you a prankster? Do you know someone who is? Gift yourself or someone else this hilarious Scare Prank Box. It makes a wonderful gift for kids and adults, alike.

The perfect party trick! Each prank box is handcrafted with care. You'll be destined for a lifetime of laughs with this silly toy.

Very easy to use! Hand the box to an unsuspecting person and watch them open it up and shriek at the sight of the realistic looking spider. You'll be laughing for days! You can also sit the box in an area where you know it'll be opened and wait for your evil plan to unfold, muahhahah!

Makes a great gift! A super unique gift for that hard-to-buy-for person.