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It's always nice to enjoy your patio, balcony, or backyard during the night hours when the air is fresh and warm. However, with this season also comes droves of mosquitoes. Oh no! You could always use chemical repellents to deter these yucky bugs from bothering you, but nobody wants to cover themselves in toxic chemicals.

Introducing the Solar Bug Zapper Lamp! Our lamp doesn't only give off light but it features anti-mosquito technology. It is designed to convert light energy into electricity and store it in the built-in rechargeable battery system. You'll be amazed by the brightness of this high-powered LED light.

The lights are purple and known to be highly attractive to mosquitoes and flying bugs. once the unsuspecting bug flies into the light...ZAP! It's deader than a door nail.

Our amazingly functional lamp has two settings: one for regular lighting and another for anti-mosquito lighting. The lamp can run for a full 8-hours! We guarantee that this lamp will kill common mosquitoes. You can easily place the lamp in the ground using a stake or place it on a flat surface..


  • Intensely bright white (Purple Light) & UV LED
  • Solar power is safe for the environment
  • Switch between light (one for white light and bug zapper (ON2 --- light; ON1 --- bug zapper)
  • Designed with a metal safely frill and internal translucent finger shield
  • Sensor detects day from night
  • Solar panel is weather-proof
  • Kills mosquitoes with over 1,000 volts of electricity
  • Long-lasting, built-in, rechargeable batteries work continuously for 8 hours when fully charged
  • White LED light is perfect for illuminating gardens, walkways, backyards, and more
  • No electricity or wiring needed
  • No tools required for installation


  • Uses 2 AA Ni-CD rechargeable battery (included)
  • Size: 150 * 150 * 570mm/5.855.8522.2"
  • Solar Panel: 4V, 0.14W
  • Battery: Lithiumin Battery 1.2V/600mAh