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Are you tired of boring old board games? Want to kick things up a notch? Speed Cups is just what you need! This game provides hours of entertainment that the entire family will enjoy. Add some fast-paced fun to family Game Night. This game is very easy to learn. You gotta stay focused and alert, though! The concept is simple, math, stack, and ring the bell. This game is bound to tickle your funny bone.

How do you play?

Each player gets a set of 5 cups in 5 different colors. Then, you'll place the bell at the center of the table. Shuffle the cards and place the deck face down next to the bell. Each picture card sports and image with 5 different colors - the same colors as the cups. What's most important is how the colors are positioned. The point is to match the colors of your cups with the colors of the cards. It is also important whether the colors are lined up in a row, or stacked on top of each other. Copy this with your cups. Stack them if they’re stacked, and line them up if they’re lined up.

Now, the hand begins when the picture card is flipped over. In this first round, the youngest player flips the card over to begin the game. Continue around the table in a clockwise fashion, taking turns. You must think quickly!

Quickly, rearrange your 5 differently colored cups to match how the colors are positioned on each card's picture. The first player to arrange his/her 5 cups in the right order and ring the bell wins the card. there are 24 rounds to this game. Don't worry, they go FAST! The player with the most cards is the winner!

This is an incredibly fun game that challenges you to react quickly. Kids love to challenge their parents! You gotta stay focused and pay attention as you never know what to expect!

Keep in mind that each card is different and some will be easier to work with. Train your eyes and brain to take on new challenges in every move. Be on your toes, this is a race!


  • 20 Red, blue, yellow, black, and green cups
  • 24 Picture cards with 5 colors (same colors as cups)
  • 1 bell
  • English instructions for 4 players
  • Fast-paced matching game
  • Great for kids and adults, alike
  • Challenged you to stay alert and focused
  • Improves hand'eye coordination
  • Promotes critical thinking in a fast-paced setting