4-In-1 Multi-Functional Computer Keyboard Cleaning Brush

$23.95 $46.95


It can be difficult to keep the intricate nooks and crannies of your computer keyboard clean and free of dust and dander. Our 4-In-1 Multi-Functional Computer Keyboard Cleaning Brush makes it much more manageable!

The design of the brush features a variety of tools to help you keep your keyboard sparkling clean. A clean keyboard works better and last longer.


  • Separated Dual-Head Design - Blasts through dirt and grime like nobody's business! There's no place for dust to hide with the design of this cleaning tool
  • Soft Bristles - Brush is designed to effectively sweep away dirt but not compromise the integrity of your keyboard
  • Wide Application - Our cleaning brush is a suitable match for all makes and models of computer keyboards
  • Double-Ended Cleaning Features - Use both ends of the tool for different keyboard cleaning purposes
  • Key Removal Tool - Easily and gently pull keyboard keys to clean underneath them


  • Size: 147mm x 80mm x 28mm
  • Material: nylon + ABS
  • Implementation ​criteria: Q/LEX 025-2018