Gentle Electric Nail Trimmer For Babies

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Trimming a little one's nails can be a crazy process! Babies tend to move unexpectedly or they are simply frightened by getting their nails clipped. Our Gentle Electric Nail Trimmer For Babies is safe, gentle, and effective. It's designed with a quiet motor as to not scare babies. In fact, many parents use it on their young ones as they sleep. That's how gentle it is!


  • High-Quality Materials: ABS polymer material is a professional quality material that is safe and non-damaging to nails and nail beds
  • LED Front Light: Allows for in-the-dark nail trimming while baby sleeps
  • 6 Different Grinding Heads: Perfect for both babies and adults
  • Convenient: Lightweight and compact, one-button operation, and has a comfortable grip
  • 2 Speed Motor: Left and right rotation. High 7500RPM / minute, low 5700RPM / minute.


  • Color: pink / blue
  • Size: 15*4.5cm
  • Material: ABS

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Gentle Electric Nail Trimmer For Babies
  • 6 x Different Grinding Heads