Healthy Teeth Doggy Chew Toy

$24.95 $49.95


Keeping our furry friend's teeth and gums healthy can be quite a chore, especially if a toothbrush is being used. Most dogs do not like this process at all! Using our Healthy Teeth Doggy Chew Toy keeps pet's chompers clean and protected while allowing them to have while doing it!

This adorable toy is made from high-quality material that isn't easily destroyed and stands up to tough chewing. Plus, it makes squeaky noise! So much fun for old mister doggo!


  • Material - Durable and tough rubber
  • ​Weight - 95g/180g
  • Size:
    • S : 154.54.5cm, weight 200g
    • M: 136.56.5cm, weight 250g
  • Color - Attractive and keeps dog's interested
  • Design - Helps to prevent double rows of teeth from forming
  • Sound - Allows dogs to be engaged and have fun while chewing