Perky Pet Carrying Pouch

$24.95 $49.95


Carrying a pet in your arms isn't always easy but sometimes your furry little friend needs to rest. That's why we've created the Perky Pet Carrying Pouch! This pouch always you to keep your small dog or cat close to your heart. Aw, how sweet!

Take your pet on a hiking trail, biking adventure, or anywhere else that they need to be carried in our Perky Pet Carrying Pouch.


  • Adjustable length of the shoulder strap is 38.6-46.5 inches. Both adults and children cna wear it!
  • Pouch is made of leather and mesh material that is soft and breathable
  • Pouch is wide and spacious and ensures your dog or cat's comfort and safety
  • Perfect for small dogs and cats

Size Chart:

  • S: 38x10x20cm (Suitable for Pets Under 7 pounds)
  • L: 45x13x28cm (Suitable for Pets Under 11 pounds)