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This waterproof rubberized tape is made from heavy-duty materials that are meant to stop leaks in their watery tracks. Not only that, this tape seals away air and moisture like a pro! It can repair just about anything. Did you know this tape can work under water? It's made with super-hydrophobic rubberized adhesive. The material is ultra-thick yet completely flexible to wrap around curves.

Are you home or business owner? If so, you NEED this tape. It's the perfect solution for waterproofing your home both in and outside. Use it on leaky roofs, gutters, weathered sheds, windows, and so much more.

Heavy-Duty Waterproof Tape

This tape is 100% waterproof and meant to keep you and your belongings, dry! Once you cover up a leak with this tape it instantly seals and stops the flow of water, guaranteed. Feel free to use it both indoors and out. Got a leak in your pool? This tape will stop it!

Resistant to Extreme Weather

Did you know that our rubberized tape has been expertly engineered to take on even the harshest weather conditions? This means that freezing temps, torrential downpours, and sweltering heat don't stand a just against it! Feel free to sue this tape near fireplaces and wood stoves. It's an amazing product. Plus, it is 100% resistant to smoke, mildew, mold, and temps ranging from -70 to 200 degrees F. Incredible!


  • Weight: 181g.
  • Color: Black / White.
  • Size: 4 Inches(Width) x 5 Feet(Length).


  • Clean the surface of the patched place and keep it flat and clean. It is recommended to use alcohol for surface cleaning. (Mineral alcohol and a certain solvent residue will prevent butyl bonding on the mounting surface.
  • Remove the transparent plastic release gasket to reveal the gray sticky edges of the tape. Keep the bonding surface of the tape clean.Attach the tape to the surface.
  • The tape requires pressure to be fully glued. Otherwise it will fall off at a later date. Put pressure on the tape to start the bonding process. The greater the pressure or friction applied, the faster the bonding speed.Cover the tape with a reel to get the fastest and best binder.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Rubberized Waterproof Tape.


  • If the surface you're working with is porous, using a blow dryer on the tape will help the adhesives to bond with the surface, better.
  • Sometimes, colors look different on computer monitors than they do in person. The color of the tape may vary, slightly.