Exfoliating Cleaning Brush Shower Slippers - No-Bend Foot Scrubbing!

$48.95 $96.95


Our amazing Exfoliating Brush Cleaning Slippers are perfect for all showers! Simply stick them to the floor and start scrubbing those tootsies! Nothing but clean, smooth, happy feet ahead.

Instantly transform the shower into a DIY pedicure salon when our Shower Slippers are used. Each slipper is lined with thousand of bristles that are gentle on the feet but tough on dirt. There is even a pumice stone for the heels! This stone polishes away dead skin and helps repair cracks and dryness.

Enjoy the the non-slip design of the slippers. Each slipper is lined with suction cups so they can be adhered to the shower or tub floor. No worries of the slippers sliding or shifting while they are being used. Another safety feature of these bristle brush slippers is their no-bend design which can decrease the risk of shower falls.

Feet will receive the star treatment with our amazing product!