Invisible Height Increasing Insoles

$22.95 $44.95


These discreet heel insoles give a bump in height that looks incredibly natural! Not only can they increase height but they help relieve any foot pain and discomfort, too!

The best part about our insoles is that they are hidden inside the socks or shoes! Nobody will ever know!


  • Discreetly enhances height: Height will increase exactly 2.0 cm!
  • High quality materials: Made with medical-grade soft silicone which helps to relieve heel pain & discomfort from sore feet, sore feet, and other foot-related ailments
  • Comfort heel cups: Innovative U-shape protects and comforts the heels
  • Wear anywhere: Insoles are comfortable, flexible, moisture wicking, and work as effective neoprene supports. Wear them during any activity! Great for sports


  • Color: Pink, White, Nude 

Package includes:

  • 1 x Invisible Height Increasing Insoles