Fresh & Clean Healthy Tongue Scraper

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Not many people realize this, but scraping the tongue should be part of any oral hygiene routine. Unfortunately, using a toothbrush doesn't quite cut it. A tool that is going to reach all the way to the back of the tongue where germs and dead cells hide, is needed. These things cause bad breath and can also lead to other health issues if not properly maintained.

Our Tongue Scraper Cleaner is unique because it is made from metal and has been shown to be more safe and efficient than plastic, fork-like scrapers.

The best way to use the scraper is to insert it as far back as comfortably possible onto the tongue and pull forward. Flick and rinse the scraper under running water and repeat the process. It should only take between 10 and 20 seconds to complete. Use our scraper with a cleaning gel if preferred. We recommend scraping the tongue at least once per day, preferably before brushing teeth and using mouthwash.


  • May diminish bad breath caused by germs and bacteria on the tongue
  • May stimulate the taste buds and helps food taste more flavorful
  • Can remove bacteria from the tongue that can cause tooth decay
  • Can improve digestive health
  • Might reduce the amount of toxins found in the body from food that is left to rot on the tongue


  • Use: Daily, before brushing teeth
  • Materials: Surgical Grade Stainless Steel
  • Recommended by dentists!