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Is cleaning your ears a pastime for you? Do you find it insanely satisfying to remove the wax from your ears?

What if you could see this whole process unfold?

Our Niceear Earwax Removal Tool makes it all possible! This gadget lets you see inside of your ear making ear cleaning a whole lot safer.

The pen-shaped camera with attached scoop plugs into your PC or Android device with OTG support so you can see what's happening inside your ear in real time. Our tool works so much better than cotton swabs!


  • THOROUGH CLEAN - The built-in camera allows you to see exactly where the wax is.
  • DEEP REACH TOOL - The scoop is attached to a deep-reach pen tool that allows you to get the wax from hard-to-reach areas.
  • IMPROVES HEARING - Removing earwax improves your hearing!
  • SHOW YOUR FRIENDS - Your friends can watch you clean your ears, too! Will they be amazed or grossed out?
  • SAY GOODBYE TO COTTON SWABS - Cotton swabs are not a good product to use. In fact, they push wax deeper into the ear canal. This can cause hearing loss and potentially damage your ear drum.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE - Professionally getting your ears cleaned is expensive. This tool cuts out that cost and saves you time and money!
  • FOR MORE THAN JUST EARS - Clean other parts of your body, too!
  • SUPPORTED BY ANDROID - You can even use it with your Android Smartphone that supports OTG.
  • SUPPORTED BY iOS - The product comes with an additional tool to stream the live image over WiFi!

Always use the earwax removal tool, responsibly. Do not push the pen to deeply into your ear as injury may result.