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Frame Color

Now you can play hours of your favorite video games without wrecking your eyesight!

Did you know that prolonged screen-time can cause some nasty eye injuries over the long-term?

Staring at a computer screen or TV for too long can lead to eye stress and can result in blurred vision, trouble focusing, dry eyes, headaches, and even neck and shoulder fatigue.

We don't want you to destroy your eye health, so we've developed Protective Gaming Glasses. Their innovative design is meant to minimize the strain on your eyes due to harmful blue lights and screen glare.

  • Preventative Eye Protection - You can play games until your heart's content with our Gaming Glasses! Never worry about eye damage
  • Enhanced In-Game Vision - You'll be viewing games with superhero eyes! See color contrast like never before and spot your enemies before they spot you. Professional gamers LOVE our glasses, and so will YOU
  • Numerous Styles - We've created multiple frame/lens styles for you to choose from. Who said you can't you look good while streaming YouTube or Twitch?